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 My dear friends, to ensure a pleasant and worry-free experience during your home decoration process, it is essential to make thorough plans and preparations. Paying special attention to the selection of materials and equipment is crucial, especially when it comes to smart locks. Making the wrong choice could result in security loopholes that put your loved ones and property at risk. To avoid such situations, keep in mind the following five tips when selecting smart locks:


Firstly, choose a fully automatic lock. Did you know that a fully automatic fingerprint lock can be opened with just a light touch, making it convenient and fast? Moreover, you don’t need to repeatedly check if the door is locked, because the lock will automatically lock itself.

Secondly, choose a semiconductor fingerprint sensor, not an optical fingerprint sensor. The latter has been broken into by thieves through copying fingerprints with tape or putty. It’s safer to choose a semiconductor fingerprint sensor, which is reliable and secure.

Thirdly, select a smart lock with a cat’s eye monitoring function! Even if you’re not home, as long as friends or relatives come to visit, pressing the doorbell allows you to confirm their identity and remotely unlock the door through your phone. Isn’t that cool?

Fourthly, choose a smart lock with multiple functions. Sometimes, when fingers are dirty, or older people and children’s fingerprints are not easily recognized, fingerprint recognition may fail. At this time, you can use multiple methods, such as cards, passwords, or mobile apps, to unlock the door, which is practical and convenient.

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Fifthly, choose a lock with dual battery independent power supply, which means that the door lock and video have independent power sources. This way, you don’t have to worry about video functions draining the battery and affecting the use of the door lock. The long battery life of large-capacity lithium batteries is also more reassuring and convenient.

Lastly, select a lock with an emergency charging port. When there is no power, take out the portable power bank, plug it in, and recharge it. After all, if you can’t open the door, you can only wait outside, which can be embarrassing.

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Friends, home renovation is a significant matter that requires careful consideration, and details should not be overlooked. When selecting a smart lock, we need to consider multiple aspects, such as fully automatic locks, semiconductor fingerprint sensors, cat’s eye monitoring, multiple unlocking methods, and dual battery independent power supply. If you can handle these aspects well, you can make your home smarter and safer!

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Post time: May-09-2023