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In April 2019, Shantou Botin Household Products Co., Ltd. participated in the 39th Hong Kong Electronics Fair held by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. As a large international electronics fair, Its production technology attracted buyers from 156 countries and regions and more than 4,100 exhibitors. It is recognized as one of the largest and most influential global electronics shows in the world.

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In Hong Kong autumn electronics show, Shantou Botin Household Products Co., Ltd. presented a number of excellent performance "smart door lock" products, the products are mainly safe, stable, convenient, in appearance also made a great breakthrough, with high-end atmosphere bright spot. Fully reflects the company's r & D strength and cost-effective products, customer recognition and love, sales steadily rising, demand exceeds supply.

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In recent years, under the help of artificial intelligence, intelligent door locks products further using the new technology and materials, greatly improve the quality of the "smart door lock" products and services, shantou Botin household products co., LTD., focus on creating product competitiveness, to strengthen the research and development of core technology, to meet the needs of potential consumers, committed to the "intelligent" of smart door locks, Bring more intelligent user experience to customers.

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Shantou Botin Household Products Co., Ltd. continues to output more powerful functions, constantly improve the "intelligent door lock" products, just to provide more comfortable, more comfortable user experience, adhere to do the customer "guardian"!

Post time: Feb-25-2022